Tied House

Photos by John Stoffer

Located in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, Tied House provides a nod to the city’s rich history while delivering a dining experience that’s both familiar and elevated. 

Like historic tied houses, the space intends to be a genuine part of the community and pride itself on featuring exclusive offerings and partnerships that benefit the locals’ neighborhood and taste buds.

The logo is inspired by the building’s corner location and wheat/barley, the mark has a masculine feel that is balanced with delicate lines. 


Schubas bar is an icon not only to Chicago, but also in the music industry. Attached to Schubas was a restaurant called Harmony Grill that was undergoing a complete renovation and re-branding. Restaurant is currently under-construction


To create a story and brand identity that can become help the space become a go-to restaurant in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.


Art direction of menu and uniform look, logo, story, brand identity and the development of recommended brand experiences, as well as environment graphics such as signage, wayfinding and a unique ceiling design.