Working in a team, we created a story that personified the hotel, with moments that captured the charm and elegance of a southern gentleman, balanced with the mystery and graceful modern sensibilities of a southern belle. The guest experience plays with juxtapositions such as: old & new, naughty & nice, dark & light, masculine & feminine. The logo is strong, with a timeless feel that captures details found throughout the exterior of the building.


Birmingham, Alabama’s largest city, is home to the iconic Empire Building. Constructed in 1909, the building sits at the “Heaviest corner on Earth,” an intersection of the South’s four tallest buildings in the early 20th century. By converting the building into an Autograph Collection hotel, The Empire Hotel will be restored to it’s former glory providing 117 bedrooms, a restaurant, gym, lounge, meeting spaces and a rooftop bar.


To create an experience that appropriately addressed the historic and southern heritage of the site.

My role

Logo, brand identity, art direction, story and the development of select touchpoints /experiences that bring the brand story to life.



Camellia’s was developed as a restaurant concept for the Empire Hotel. To create a contrast between the restaurant and bar, Camellia’s was designed to be sophisticated, bright, and fresh like the southern flower. The mark is crisp, and feels reminiscent of bright white suits with dark fine detailed trim. The silhouette represents those found on the building, and becomes a window to celebrate Birmingham, Alabama.



Miss Fancy's was a concept developed for in the Empire Hotel's speakeasy space. The bar is intended to feel indulgent, soulful, and exclusive. Inspired by speakeasy membership cards, some of which only reveal the cross streets, "1st and 20th" allude to the bar's location. Miss Fancy was an elephant and star of the Birmingham Zoo between 1913-1934. The elephant also symbolizes the location which was once called the "Heaviest Corner on Earth."